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Our Services
  1. Strategy Development
    Facilitated planning workshops
  2. Ideation Sessions
    Facilitated problem solving and idea generation programmes
  3. Concept Reviews
    Looking at the strength of a concept in terms of desirability, feasibility and viability.
  4. People Development
    Training essential innovation and change skills - leadership, team development & continued professional development
  5. Business Modelling
    Helping you develop robust business plans
  6. Train the Trainer Workshops
    Transferring our know-how to your team so you can spread the word!
  7. Blended Learning & Distance Learning
    Learn through online and blended programmes
  8. Value Profiling
    Understanding the value of a proposition with a focus group
  9. Accredited Training Programmes
    Structured programmes in partnership with an Institute of Leadership and Management Centre
  10. Prototyping & Piloting
    Support in developing the right development strategy including finding the right partner organisations
  11. Expert Search
    Finding you the right experts at the right time
  12. Due Diligence
    Ensuring the concept is worth investing in - commercially and technical reviews
  13. Access to Finance
    Advice and assistance on options for financing developments
  14. Project Delivery
    Supporting you make sure projects are delivered through interim project management support
  15. Managing Change
    Helping you manage organisation change in a structured way
"Its not just about ideas. 
It's about making ideas happen. 
It is about strategy, people & process"